Bad District Bad District

Bad District = Andrew Markham + Stephen Facade Andrew is from Ukraine and Stephen from Russia, both guys first demonstration of their musical talents was in legendary russian Neuropunk Podcast by DJ Bes 1\2 Gydra.

After first Andrew solo tune Steampunk in Neuropunk he produces for TAM Records Pandorum EP and after its release he started to form Bad District project with Agnostectics & SVJ, they produce Evol Intent ft. Blip - Flipside (Bad District Bootleg) which start their neuro way and continues with releasing Get Out EP on Evol Intent Recordings, during some time they join Bad Taste and release massive Bluff EP with supports of Noisia, Neonlight, Ed Rush, Jade, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, State of Mind, A.M.C, Mind Vortex, Mindscape, Maztek and others.

Due to some changes in team, Stephen joins BD and project continue its way as duo.

Stephen joined Bad District after his collab with them called "Prey" from Bad District EP on Major League which get lots of support by DJ's & producers all around world and was premiered at BBC Radio 1 Drum & Bass Show by René LaVice.

Now you can see & hear the result of this cooperation from verу bad district.