Eatbrain presents Possession by Nemean feat. FractalOne

Nemean - Possession

Release date:

14th June - Beatport & Spotify exclusive (OUT NOW)

28th June - Digital worldwide

Told far and wide are tales of individuals losing themselves within the wills of others, their vital energies coaxed, coerced, and controlled to do the bidding of another who operates their physical form as a master puppeteer. These tales offer abounding descriptions of the evil deeds wrought by such hapless souls, the horrors committed by their own unwilling hand as bent under the force of another. While genuine in their tellings, these stories oft ignore the most horrific aspect of their subject matter, that of the experience endured by the individual whist under the thrall of POSSESSION.

Those who survive such ordeals invariably emerge forever changed, their sense of self warped by the machinations of even the most benign of possessors. Few are those to begin with, and many more bear greater psychic scars. Haunted by the ego of their former master, their dreams, thoughts, and even visions are often clouded by the threads of the psychic link that forever remain. Some are further cursed with recurring compulsions, echoes of the commands once bestowed upon them that visit & prey upon their fragile psyche at random. Forever altered, these individuals wander bereft of their individuality, vestigial forms hollowed out by the power of POSSESSION.

NEMEAN delivers his debut EP with POSSESSION, a four-track work that places the will of the EATBRAIN horde under his control as the four tracks within surge with a psychoacoustic power set to see all who listen enthralled by NEMEAN’S mysterious sonic silhouette.


Nemean - Possession


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