Eatbrain presents Cyclotron by Liveon

Liveon - Cyclotron

Release date:

26th May - Beatport & Spotify exclusive (OUT NOW)

9th June - Digital worldwide

Stunned silence filled the metallic halls of the testing grounds in the moments after which a single subatomic particle had ripped through a once-fundamental law of the universe. Within the circuitous track of the cyclotron, an eerie void hung suspended in midair along the particle’s path and seemed to glow and withdraw light from the room all at once. As he recovered from his moment of awe, the single human inhabitant of the testing grounds shouted with glee and pressed his eyes against the glass of the viewing platform, peering forth into the rift that lay open before him.

Seemingly in response to the scientist’s observation, the rift began to glow yet brighter with an entrancing emerald hue. Its shape became distorted, shrinking and contorting down to a zero-point before rebounding outwards again and opening into a wide, ovoid shape. The rift sliced effortlessly through the cyclotron as it expanded, causing the matter of which it was constructed to simply disappear upon contact. As its expansion halted the rift then compressed slightly, stabilizing itself into a perfect two-dimensional circle that floated inexorably within three-dimensional space.

At this point, the emerald-hued circumference of the rift then began to pulsate with accelerating frequency. As the period of this cycle decreased, the scientist began to catch glimpses of something on the other side, a multifaceted mirage of a distant world that was refracted through the rift’s space-time distortion. As he attempted to make sense of the vision before him, the rift emitted a blinding flash that knocked the scientist to his knees and cast him away from the glass of the viewing platform’s walls. When his vision returned, before him loomed a trio of incomprehensible figures that seemed to shift the very essence of their own beings to more closely match his own. For the first time in his life, the scientist knelt before beings from another world, and in the presence of their shifting forms, one thing became eminently clear to him. No biological lifeform could traverse the energies of that rift and survive, and thus it was that the scientist came to the realization that he knelt before alien gods.

LIVEON delivers his CYCLOTRON EP as the follow up to his 2022 single “Crucial//Rapdio”, continuing the undertaking he began therein to burst through the bounds of sonic possibility and synthesize a selection of sounds that is entirely alien to the ears of the EATBRAIN horde. With CYCLOTRON, LIVEON reveals the radical discoveries of his sonic experimentation, which ensure that the tracks within the EP are sure to leave a singular imprint on the ears of listeners worldwide.


Liveon - Cyclotron


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