Computerartist Computerartist

MMarek Vehovsky (also known as Computerartist) is a talented music producer and Dj based in the north Moravian city of Havirov. The very beginnings of his musical career are dated back to the year 2008 when he, charmed by the broken beats and dark sounds of the neurofunk producers like SPOR, NOISIA, PHACE, etc., began to write his own pieces of music.

After a short time and with the growing skills and quality of his tunes he gets noticed by the public not only in his motherland, but also abroad. Since then the winner of 2010 Czech Drum & Bass awards (in the talent of the year category) released his music on multiple labels such as Eatbrain, Citrus, Disturbed, Mindtech, Close 2 Death or Forbidden Society just to name a few.

Year 2016 brings another huge milestone for Marek as he and his fellow brother in arms, Qo, together started their own label, Hoofbeats Music. After the first three successful releases there is a lot to expect from them in the near future.