In the dying light of each day they gathered, the long shadows of the dojo scaffold casting darkness across the solemn faces of the keepers of their art. Each took his turn to tell a part of the story, handed through the generations by their masters. Components of a tale of the overwhelming horror of a past that others preferred to bury in myth. They spoke of a time when the coming of the night spelt death for those in the open blackness, with the pressing undead mass reaching from beyond the grave to extinguish the last embers of life, locked in a desperate struggle to crush the final beacon that sheltered the living. They spoke of he who blocked the crushing sea of extinction in the depths of each night, shielding the fragility of life with the perfection of his brutal and efficient form. The eyes of the living only greeted each new day because of the immortal techniques that had now been passed to them, the new guardians of the beacon, masters of an art now evolved – watching, waiting, perfecting their deadly art… ready for the return of those beyond death.

Following up the immensely successful KARATE LP from core EATBRAIN artist L 33, comes a deadly second approach to some of the most blinding tracks from the album - reimagined by a collection of apex predators in drum & bass. PROLIX delivers an exhilarating and forward-leaning groove with his take on CLUBLIFE, whilst JOE FORD percussive prowess and intricate and on-point production pushes DROP IT DOWN LOW into dynamic and fresh realms. The freshest name on Eatbrain - SYNERGY deliver their justice to RAZOR BLADE, with its twisted and rough sound whilst NEONLIGHT unravel a paranoia-inducing and edgy take on title track KARATE. These 4 powerful remixes approach one of the label’s leading releases of 2016 with uncompromising attitude and the precise approach to production that’s intimately connected with Eatbrain.