It was nighttime again. The girl hated nighttime, for its ability to warp even the most innocuous of shapes into sinister forms was the bane of her fragile psyche. As dusk fell and her family trundled off to sleep, she found herself drifting into the same familiar cycle of psychosis, wherein she would find not the rest and respite which others gained from sleep but rather a fight for survival against the forces of her mind. Knowing this, the girl sighed, and set to her vigil against the dark. It was always the same no matter what she did. She would stay up long into the morning’s early hours, under the blessing of electric light until the same useless body that catalyzed her anxious fears began to falter under the weight of passing time, demanding that she submit to the machinations of her own horrific mind. In turning off the lights, she would enter into a second phase, one perhaps most sinister of all, in which the objects of the house sprang to life in the umbral depths of night.

Herein moved shadows with impossible forms, at once standing out from and blending into the darkness that was their home. Try as she might, the girl could not make sense of them, and attempts to do so only seemed to multiply their numbers. They had never harmed her… yet, but she wondered if it was only her utmost devotion to watching their movements that kept them at bay. Worse yet was the fact that sleep would grab hold of her soon, making her vulnerable, easy prey. With lethargic frenzy she would attempt to maintain her watch, following their forms as her eyes closed further and further shut, sliding into the final phase of the night wherein she knew she maintained no control. She feared what awaited her there, the nightmares, the horrors, her worst anxieties on longest held fears brought into a facsimile of reality where she was but a helpless target of their terror. The terrors had not hurt her physically, it was true, but as the girl slipped hopelessly into unconsciousness, she wondered at the NEGATIVE THOUGHTS that she would soon face. Perhaps this had been the shadow’s intent all along. Perhaps, unwittingly, she had already become their prey.

TEDDY KILLERZ return to EATBRAIN for their first release of 2020 with the latest EP forged of their horror influenced neurofunk sound. The latest in a series of collaborations between EATBRAIN and TEDDY KILLERZ that stretches back to the label’s very beginnings, the trio once again take position at the fore of the EATBRAIN horde as they bring their all out psycho-sonic assault to EATBRAIN listeners worldwide.