With a sound akin to the scraping of bone on bone, a pair of armored figures were expelled violently through the half-open maw of the portal. As their forms were tossed unceremoniously upon the rocky ground, each quickly scrambled to their feet, drawing their weapons before lunging at each other’s throats in a ritual of torment. Though they had stood before the gates of hell as friends the energies of that most horrific dimension had twisted their perceptions, which now saw them pitted against each other as rivals in greed. Each coveted the glories of the other, forgetting their own and those that they had shared on the field of battle.

As masters in diametrically opposed schools of combat, the pair struck at each other with a mixture of brutality and precision that quickly saw them open gaping wounds in the bodies of their former comrades as their blood intermingled upon the stones below. From within the portal, the hungry eyes of hell watched with glee, knowing that the two champions would soon join their chosen horde as soldiers of their malevolent glories.

MNDSCP and REDPILL lead the EATBRAIN horde to new states of sonic consciousness as they deliver a pair of remixes that recontextualize and reanimate a chosen work from each other’s catalogs. The end result is a mind-bending display of intra-label collaboration that sees the veteran EATBRAIN alumni imbue each track with a revenant potential to devastate the dancefloor once more.