The colossus watched over them, those blessed ones whose ancestors it had saved many centuries ago. Though its eyes had long shut, closed gently in a sleep that would last for eons, those who went about their lives below knew that they were safe beneath its gaze and had therefore built their homes here. Their ancestors had first built upon the ground at the colossus’ feet, a modest settlement of thatch and wood established in symbiosis with their slumbering guardian. The years had passed and the settlement had grown, with all who grew up beneath the giant’s shadow learning to revere the being as a brother, a father, a grandfather, and an ancestor.

Since those early times, the small settlement had become a bustling city, and yet the colossus’ benevolent influence was still felt by all who tread there. The people had learned to construct towering structures that rivaled the being’s height, but none were allowed to be built higher than his slumbering stature. The citizens within tended to the colossus’ appearance, trimming his beard and hair as it was said that he once wore them, before spinning the excess upon great looms that produced fine textiles that were the envy of the land. As dirt, rain, and seeds had settled into the crevasses of the colossus’ armor, forests had sprung up upon the great being, and from these forests the people harvested the fruits of nature, being sure to maintain them such that these growths would not harm their guardian. These and many further gifts did the colossus give to the people, and thus at his feet did they build a great temple, where the living worshipped and the dead were interred, safe within the hollow provided by the giant’s hulking form as it slumbered within life eternal.

Austrian talent MANTA continues his rise after releasing on Neonlight’s Diascope and the German neurofunk powerhouse Hanzom Music and makes his EATBRAIN debut with “Don’t Wake Me Up”, an EP filled with monumental sonics that stands set to begin the construction of this newcomer’s legacy as he rises to his full stature before the EATBRAIN horde.