Amidst the wreckage of a modern empire that had long since fallen into ruin, few vestiges of its once-thriving culture remained. Many of those that had once inhabited this now desolate domain had fled its fall or perished within it, and with them had been lost much of the knowledge that the empire had once possessed. Yet within the rubble and scrap lay material memories waiting eagerly to be accessed by those who came searching for them, saplings of knowledge that sprouted from the ashen soil and stood ready to be reinterpreted and reinvigorated by a new generation of minds that now combed the wastes. The scavengers had come over time, attracted to the legends of hidden treasures that lay within the ruins. For some, the wealth they found was in precious metals or ancient tomes, but for others, that wealth lay in the experiences that could be facilitated by the long-lost technology that waited within.

Thus it was that a certain team of scavengers had come to find themselves hauling a massive black box across the wastes on a wheeled truss. The magnetic core at the center of the device would sometimes attract nearby metallic scrap as flies upon a corpse in their travels, and the scavengers would then set to the tedious work of removing the scrap and carrying it away from their most prized possession. What they sought in their journey were the fragile remnants of the empire’s great constructions, crumbling buildings and boulevards that teetered on the edge of collapse. It was at these sites that they would halt their procession and perform a great ritual. Calling down lightning from the sky with a great aluminum rod, they would channel nature’s inimitable power into the great magnetic core of their device. Then from its fore would emanate the most incredible sound, a thunderous roar that brought calamity to all that stood before it, ripping through the foundations of its target with sheer sonic force. The device’s devotees had long since gone deaf from performing their ritual, but to them, it mattered not - the sheer power of the BASSLINE SHOTTA was something they needed only to feel as they unleashed its glory upon the world.

PROLIX returns to EATBRAIN with his latest single crafted in collaboration with a group of like-minded bassline devotees. Together with AL/SO, BIOMETRIX and RHI, PROLIX conducts a bassline ritual for the EATBRAIN horde that is sure to send their bodies into a frenzied trance on the dancefloor.