Leah Vee Leah Vee

Off the wall does not even begin to describe female vocalist and MC Leah Vee. Her passion for performance, firmly rooted in her North West London upbringing, encouraged her to develop her creative skills and ultimately to pursue a career in music. Quirky, eclectic and totally unique, Leah Vee’s sound is a delightfully experimental blend of various musical genres. Although heavily influence by Drum and Bass, she also gathers inspiration from the rhyming patterns and lyrical elements of Hip Hop and the unconventional vocal style of artists like Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill and Miss Dynamite.

Leah Vee represents an exciting new generation of urban artist, unafraid to transgress musical borders. Hard-working, focused and driven, this lyricist with attitude will surely impact upon the UK scene for the foreseeable future.