Born in Hungary, the Budapest based DJ/producer, Liveon, is a core representer of the Neurofunk subgenre.

The first real debut dates back to May, 2017 with a solo release, containing two tracks called ’Destruction & Domination’ and ’Discomfort’, released on AMC’s label ’Titan’.

Not long after this, his work was noticed by the Noisia, played his tune on their radio show, ’Noisia Radio’. Liveon has been featured on two VA compilations (Titan Goes To Let It Roll, Surface Pt. 4), with artists like Disprove, Current Value and Akov.

His tracks have been played by a numerous names, including AMC, Misanthrop, DJ Hype, Malux, The Clamps and got support from the local representers of the drum and bass scene, like Mindscape, Jade and Chris.SU.

Since then, Liveon has performed several times, both in local club nights (Baderunnaz), also world famous festivals as LET IT ROLL.

This year the release of UFO Panic EP spreads the fresh Liveon sounds to you.