Alexey Maslyukov (Mizo), coming from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, has started his career in 2009 being inspired by all Drum and Bass music that he could get his hands on.

Two years later he was discovered by the host of the famous Neuropunk podcast, DJ Bes, and after that he was introduced to the wide audience for the first time with his track "Blood Line", and started publishing at Tamrecords label.

In the same year, Mizo released an EP named "Without the Sun EP" on Ammunition records label, and shortly after, another EP named "Confusion EP" on Deepah Beatz. Also in 2013, he released several singles on Tamrecords, such as "Eclipse" and "Hypersensibility". In 2014, Mizo joined Menfort and Bes to found the Gydra project, starting a completely new stage in his life.

In a short time, the project reached wide popularity, and had releases on many big labels (Bad taste, Eatbrain, Cause 4 Concern, Ayra, BlackOut) and also has performed in various European clubs and in front of thousands of Russian crowds.

In 2017, Alex left Gydra, opening a new chapter by starting a solo career.