Nemean Nemean

An unspoken ode to the modern sounds of drums and bass, with a blackened musical sensibility, Nemean forges his style with the hammer and tong of rythm and bass.

His sound is a melding of uneven bass-lines and melodic hooks characterised by his love for darker sounds. Guided by intricate percussion and snappy production, Nemean's songs are designed - down to the core - to make you move.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Rory Webb aka Nemean was introduced to heavy music at an early age. He wholeheartedly threw himself in the punk and metal scenes as a teen but entered the electronic music scene in his early 20s with DJing and production after never quite finding his passion with an analogue instrument in his hand. Now, influenced from the harder edges of music Nemean sets out to deliver face melting Neurofunk.