Ryme Tyme Ryme Tyme

Ryme Tyme’s life, as well as his career, has been steeped in music. From early influences from hip hop and funk, Ryme Tyme has progressed through a range of musical endeavours, all of which have added to his unique knowledge and experience of the game. Ryme Tyme got his start early, when, at the age of 12, he and his brother became the youngest members of one of Jamaica’s biggest dance crews, The Smugglers, which also began his love for being an emcee.

Upon returning to London, he enveloped himself in the electro and hip hop scenes, which led to his immersion in the rave scene. From house parties, to his first booking at Club Sterns in Worthing during the era of hardcore in 1990. Ryme expanding his sound through pirate radio stations such as Touchdown FM, then Don FM, and finally the mighty Kool FM.

Ryme explained: “The first DJ I mc’d for was Dr S Gachet at Club Sterns in 1990. I approached the MC at the time and said I was a good rapper. He unexpectedly passed me the mic so I dropped a few pre written rap flows. I got a great reaction from the crowd so decided to take it further.” After MCing for Orbital Records with DJ Trace and After Dark in the early 1990s, Ryme hooked up with Ed Rush and Nico around 91, which in turn led to meeting Optical. Ryme then went on to tour with Virus and No U Turn, and then on to studio work. He started making music in the mid-90s and his contribution as MC-turned-producer has been second to none.

RymeTyme’s approach to MC combines a range of factors. He uses his rhymes to enhance and combine with what the DJ is doing. His clear, rhythmic flows, metaphors and wordplay allows the dancers to connect with the music, and Ryme has always prided himself in putting himself in their place to get the most out of the set. His lyrical percussion moves the crowd, draws them in, and builds up the energy of any dance.

Ryme’s vocals have been used by many producers, and through his work with the leading lights of the scene, he has been hailed ‘the voice of neurofunk’. That list of producers and artists includes Ed Rush, Optical, Fierce, Trace, Audio, Optiv& BTK, Matrix, The Upbeats, Vicious Circle, Jade, Mindscape and Gridlok and he has been featured or has had releases on label such as Saigon, No U Turn, Virus and Moving Shadow.

RymeTyme’s achievements have been many and varied. From travelling to New York City back in the day with DJ Trace, where he was one of the first UK acts to perform at the legendary NASA at Club Shelter, his international career has included visits to Japan, Australia, North America and Europe. He has also performed in Russia, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Brazil and numerous other locations across the globe. His own releases have also reached far and wide.

From his debut Control and Lock on Saigon, Ryme Tyme has gone on to issue a number of critically and commercially successful releases. Fracture received great support from DJs like Ed Rush and Optical, Fierce and Bailey. The classic We Enter received a remix by Optical and also a video on MTV. Ryme Tyme’s future neurofunk style was born with the tracks likes Move VIP and Frogger which was released on Ryme’s own 1210 Recordings.

1210 Recordings has gone on to be recognised as the label for the cutting edge vibes of dark funk. The label has issued tracks and remixes from Bad Company, Fierce, Ed Rush, Optical, Trace, Cause4Concern, Bulletproof, Optiv, Crossfire and, of course, Ryme Tyme himself.

As we look to the future, it is bright indeed for the one like Ryme Tyme. He is planning more releases on 1210, and is currently working on a variety of vocal projects in collaboration with Ed Rush, Optical, Optiv, BTK and Audio amongst others. For someone so steeped in drum & bass culture, Ryme Tyme keeps his ears and eyes open to new and exciting possibilities for the music and its artists. Expect much more from Ryme Tyme in 2015.