Sarah Pellicano Sarah Pellicano

Sarah Pellicano is a singer-songwriter and all round musical polymath based in Perth. Pellicano brings her sultry, powerful Florence Welch-influenced vocals and City and Colour inspired lyrics to a range of musical genres from acoustic, hip-hop, electronica, house and drum and bass. Pellicano collaborates with a range of artists such as Rregula & Dementia, Zombie Cats, Creed Birch, The Stoops and Gran Calavera as a vocalist and lyricist, as well as performing as a solo artist both acoustically and electronically and as part of Creed Birch's live shows.

Plump DJs describe her vocals as ‘sublime’. FG claims ‘man, she can belt it out’ and he’s not wrong. Pellicano is a bird that you definitely want to be watching. Pellicano’s latest work is the release of her third electronic single, ‘All For You’ produced by Creed Birch.