Skrimor Skrimor

Explore the captivating world of Skrimor, a music trailblazer whose journey began in 2005. Starting in a local nu metal band, armed with a guitar and a deep love for music, his path took an exciting turn in 2007 when he embraced bass music in Vilnius. This led him to dubstep and D&B, sparking intense inspiration. After graduating in 2012, Skrimor ventured into electronic music in Poland, shaping his unique style guided by labels like Eatbrain, Blackout and Neosignal. At the beginning of 2023 he unveiled the "GAS" EP, a collection that resonated deeply. 2023 brought more success as he released a powerful EP on Neuropunk Records, with "Kickback" becoming a banger, solidifying his status. His journey is one of passion, innovation, and creativity. Join him in this musical odyssey.