STONX (Ollie Barron) is the relentless embodiment of Neurofunk. Hailing from London, with a foundation in bass guitar and inspiration drawn from legends like Teddy Killers, Current Value, Prodigy, and Noisia, STONX delivers irresistibly heavy, yet catchy anthems that leaves listeners craving more. His relentless basslines and beats capture the dark and uncompromising essence of the genre, infused with unmistakable rock and metal influences.

STONX has earned recognition and support from Neurofunk industry heavyweights, including Gydra, Jade, Black Sun Empire, Manta, Karpa, and Agressor Bunx, solidifying his status as a rising force in the neurofunk scene. In a recent transition, James, his former partner in the duo, decided to step back for personal reasons. Despite this change, STONX remains committed to delivering the relentless sound that fans have come to love. When he's not in the studio, Ollie hosts "Stonxcast," a weekly Neurofunk podcast boasting over 20,000 dedicated listeners both in the UK and Worldwide. With his electrifying live sets, STONX is the name to watch for those seeking the future of genre-blurring Drum & Bass experiences.