Syze Syze

Vocalist & producer in Drum & Bass and Downtempo with releases on: Viper Recordings, Eatbrain, MethLab Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Othercide Records, Substinenz, Defcom Records, Ohm Resistance, Culture Assault Records, Bassline Agency, Onset, Intransigent, Guerilla Recordings. Subsonik Sound, Order In Kaos, Dubzilla Records, Zardonic Recordings

'Rodina' LP by Joanna Syze for Ohm Resistance was released November 2011, with various other side-projects in music and visual media compositions.

Recent releases in 2017 on Eatbrain, Viper Recordings & Renegade Hardware.

Upcoming Release on MethLab Recordings April 10th 2018.

Upcoming Album, 'Surrender' on Othercide Recordings. Forthcoming 2018.