Transforma Transforma

Starting his career in Aus & now currently residing in the UK, Transforma is a forward thinking prolific producer rapidly becoming a household name on the world stage in Drum and bass/Neurofunk. He began cultivating his musical prowess at only 14 years old, playing guitar in metal bands & studying music theory for over a decade. A yearning for a new challenge led him to his greatest project to date. In the last 10 years Transforma has undeniably cemented his place amongst the elite in the Australian bass music scene & now the worldwide Drum and Bass community, and is fast becoming known for his sonics and attention to detail on a global scale. His focus has been drawn by the immaculate and in-depth sound design that is characteristic of neurofunk and tech dnb.

Non-stop hard work and dedication has respectively landed him releases, signings and label affiliation with some of the worlds leading labels and artists, Being featured on many promotional channels and has also landed a few chart topping releases on Beatport throughout his career.

And Additionally, has performed all around Europe in countries such as Spain, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary & the UK. And has performed all over Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. Transforma has also made appearances at festivals throughout Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand including his debut at Let it roll in 2017.

2022 was a bit of a quiet year for this hard working, forward thinking producer. But he is ready to strive forward and make this the busiest year of his career yet. With talks of a debut LP in motion, new representation & a clear mindset. There will be no stopping him making serious moves in 2023 and beyond.