Vizzen Vizzen

Vicente was born in Algeciras, CA, Spain and grew up in an environment surrounded by music, so he started studying it when he was 8 years old. At the age of 15, Vicente decided to start learning music production, obtaining FL Studio and practicing. In 2018, he moved to Seville, where he started University and created his alias Vizzen.

At first he started creating Electro, Breakbeat and House, but as he grew musically he started to get interested in other types of genres, such as DnB. In 2019 he released numerous singles and made his first live sessions in Seville.

In 2020, he benefited from the pandemic to have time to invest in his music. It was a turning point as he began to take his music career more seriously. It was then that he managed to sign "Imperfect" with The Arcadium (Universal). He gained the recognition and support of The FatRat and started in the world of copyright-free music.

A few months later he managed to sign his most listened track, "Love Me Better" with NCS (No Copyright Sounds), the giant with more than 30 million subscribers on YouTube, becoming part of the cast of artists, including Alan Walker, Different Heaven and others who grew up on NCS. He currently gathers over a million views online and has been establishing himself wherever he has gone.

In 2021, despite the pandemic, he has managed to perform a set for more than 200 people at Gamepolis 2021, Malaga. Besides, he has started to establish himself as a young future DnB talent in Andalucia.