Much time had passed since the uprising of the demon kings had sprung forth from the ancient obelisk, bringing ruin to the great city that had been built around it. Yet more had passed since humanity had lost their homeworld to these malevolent creatures, who poured out from the monument with no other desire than to torture, pillage, and destroy. For years, all-out war had raged on the Earth’s surface and yet for all of humanity’s most valiant efforts, the killing of one demon had begotten only the rising of two more. In their final hour, those scant few who survived had fled to the stars, abandoning the wreckage of their beloved home. It was there that they maintained an uneasy existence above it, one tied to the sanctuary of a handful of meager orbital stations scattered amidst their solar system.

It was from these stations that they now watched in horror as a great celestial body rapidly entered their domain, its surface scarred by gargantuan visages of suffering and despair that protruded from its surface. As it neared the abandoned remains of their homeworld, the gravity well of the hellish sphere sucked its shattered pieces almost instantaneously inward as though feeding the horrific faces that marred its ochre hide. Though sound permeated not through the vacuum of space, the minds of all those who watched were split by a psychic scream of pleasure that emanated forth from the planet as though it were a living being. Then, as though sated by the life it had consumed, it began to drift back beyond the bounds of their solar system, completing the cycle of DIVERGENCE once more.

EATBRAIN unveils the massive fifth entry in their divergence series with DIVERGENCE V, a two-part release featuring a monstrous array of 36 new tracks from names novel and veteran to the label alike. Packed within is the full fury of the EATBRAIN horde; unrestrained, unrestricted, and unrelenting in its deliverance of Drum & Bass’s hardest edges.