EATBRAIN gain another slick addition to the collective, with the latest release landing from relatively fresh Antwerp-based duo, HYPOXIA (Titan Records // DnB Arena). Members Athys and Syntopia craft a brand of Tech and Neuro DnB with a bleak aesthetic influenced by the more sinister areas of Psychology. The ANOVA EP takes its name from the Analysis Of Variance statistical method, with the change here being the sinister journey into an internal void during the inception of its components.

The opening track SUSPICIOUS MINDS, leads the EP with beguiling morose pads punctuated by chunky half-step percussion, quickly giving way to the track’s stripped-down rolling drop. Laced with tight growling synths, it never loses its undertone of sinister nostalgia - with a breakdown akin to a descent into frightened eyes, building back into the drop with a rapid widening of pupils.

PROFANITY is where the EP strikes hardest, with its haunting filtered vocal pads providing a stark intro that picks up into a raveparanoia inducing kinetic build-up. The drop comes with an otherworldly screech and the exclamation of ‘Oh My God, What The Fuck?!’ – which is almost certainly set to be echoed in the minds of the dance crew as they get down to this beast.

PSYCHOSIS hits straight with its crisp percussion and cutting snare - the drum phrase accented by a hypnotizing Technoinfluenced plucked synth. A build-up arrives like a Nitrous Oxide-fuelled descent into a single point of madness, before coming up with fists swinging into its abrasive groove and evolution into a relentless wall of carefully crafted distortion. ‘Psychosis’ provides an overwhelming vortex of filth with an agenda to disturb the mind and take control of the feet.

Holding listeners captive in its 4 minute embrace, STOCKHOLM SYNDROME keeps ravers chained to the dance with its onslaught of warm sub-lines, dub-delayed vocal hook and warbling icy rave stabs. This will have listeners gaffa-taped to the ceiling whilst vigorously probing their eardrums with sound waves, but still leave them begging for more.

This is the rave music that spills out of parents’ nightmares as they picture their kids getting demented in an orgy of speaker stacks and strobes. Both raw and brutal, it retains the characteristic inherent funk-compulsion to boogie that Eatbrain is renowned for.