EATBRAIN reach deep into uncharted realms of the sonic universe, with the latest signing to the label coming in the form of the sleek NeuroTech duo MACHINE CODE (Current Value and Dean Rodell). With decades of production experience behind them and an unmatched commitment to experimentation, they’ve applied their knowledge to create a considered and weighty evolution of the Neurofunk sound.

PACIFY opens up the EP on an epic note with a rich calmness that deftly transports the mind into the cold harshness of space. Percussion probes lock onto the listener and pick up the step, delivering a drop that warps everything into the kind of future rave territory that The Prodigy of old would envy.

MC COPPA lends his vocals to SOUND DICTATOR, with his precise vocals punctuating the kick and snare with perfect staccato and finding a perfect place amongst the track’s mechanism. Following this, title track TERRAFORMING is super-charged with kinetic energy, perfect for breaking any dancefloor into a seething mass of bodies to feed the machine. Backed by a pounding Technoid bassline that punches heavily in the sub frequencies, it’s set to tear ravers into pieces.

SAVE THE WORLD constitutes a solid stepper with connotations of nuclear war, a track that can certainly save any rave with its strong step. But it’s with SOLAR CORE that Machine Code demonstrate their ability to get to the gravitational center of a sound – an Eatbrain track in the truest sense of the word, drawing an industrial parallel to Disphonia’s Eatbrain anthem ‘War Bunker’ and advancing it further into the future.

NEVER rounds off the EP with a gentle rolling spirit, with dub-delayed reggae vocals sitting comfortably amongst sci fi pads and smooth synth work that removes the cold edge from space.

With these 6 killer tracks Eatbrain have inadvertently opened a portal to a distant star; inviting a new kind of terror into our world to mercilessly terraform the DnB landscape.