The moment Eatbrain followers have been eagerly anticipating for a year has arrived, with BILLAIN landing in full force on the label in the form of his COLONIZE EP. One of the finest Neurofunk pioneers and a true master of his own inimitable sound; these 4 tracks demonstrate the full might and depth of Billain’s production ability, placed on one of the most rapidly rising labels in the DnB landscape. Expanding upon the sprawling Sci-Fi landscape that has its origins in the highly acclaimed ‘Colossus’ EP on Bad Taste Recordings, the ‘Colonize’ EP takes things to an entirely new level. Incredible visual artwork from Marvel artist Enis Čišić and resident Eatbrain designer László Tringli, is threaded through with the continuation of the operatic space narrative tying the tracks together into a concept as epic as music itself.

Opening and title track COLONIZE lures listeners into Billain’s otherworldly realm with 2 perfectly balanced sweeping chords, instantly transporting them to a faraway planet. Breaking the calm, an unmistakable Billain bassline erupts, before breaking down into a deliciously dynamic and scattered build-up injected with pure nervous anticipation. The Neuro assault that follows is as devastating as it is immaculately produced.

FEED FOR SPEED is undoubtedly one of the most high-octane tracks to land this year, finally placed into the public fresh from having unleashed pure havoc across Europe’s largest DnB festivals. Representing a refined slice of turbo-charged percussion, wrapped in the postapocalyptic exhaust fumes of raging synths and an unending build-up of pure adrenaline-laced excitement. Prepare yourselves for an unforgiving assault on the senses, from a producer in the depths of carving a very unique path through the electronic landscape.

KINGSTON DRONE is the spiritual sister to Billain’s infamous ‘Autonomous’ track, the piece which so clearly showed his innovative ability to test bassbins to their full capacity. Taking the frankly insane attitude found in ‘Autonomous’ to the next level, be prepared for an unending barrage of scattered tight percussion and activity on the low-end designed to give systems a serious run for their money.

Where ‘Feed For Speed’ comprises a relentlessly rising adrenaline assault, VICTORY completes the EP with a meteoric streak of unending euphoria. Sublime vocals back yearning synths, striving to reach ever-greater heights before being punctuated with tight drum edits and expansive reverb chasms. The drop arrives akin to having the planet pulled out from under your feet, a powerful wave of distortion that erupts and spreads ferociously across the sonic spectrum before pummelling eardrums with a significant percussive assault. ‘Victory’ makes you want to raise your arms in the air whilst uttering your most profound warcry.

With the ‘Colonize’ EP Billain once more shows himself to be one of the most innovative and restless minds in electronic music – an unstoppable progressive force that has no rival. Eatbrain once again smash everything with their selection, embracing the unusual and throwing out the keys of conformity.