It was the product of eons of research, an infinitely divisible weaponized molecule with the power to viciously disrupt at a granular level. Its innocuous smooth, red exterior glinted sharply under the labs harsh fluorescent lighting as it sat singularly ready, packed with the kinetic malevolence of its design. Subject 01304 sat with the wide staring eyes of a prey animal, small droplets of perspiration erupting from the pale skin of his face and shifting with the continual nervous twitching within his restraints. The faceless assistants administered the Redpill swiftly and without resistance as the observers watched with dark eyes, gazing without emotion upon their work. Inside the dark, moist interior of the subject, the pill’s casing split, its infernal contents spilling out, bonding with the subject’s biomatter, multiplying, attaching itself to each of his organic molecules, maliciously converting and evolving… hungrily devouring and pushing relentlessly towards the endstate of its design. The observers watched as the subject’s body distorted, heaving internally as he uttered inhuman sounds and twisted at his restraints. Black tendrils laced through the surface of his skin, suddenly tightening, before he both at once ruptured and imploded. The Redpill’s process was complete… amongst the carnage the tentacled black mass of teeth and gaping hollow eyes reached eerily towards the glass, the shadow of death in its wake.

EATBRAIN inducts its newest recruit in the form of French producer REDPILL, delivering 6 powerful slices of neurofunk (including a collaborative piece with Eatbrain veterans ZOMBIE CATS) for the CORRUPTION EP. From the ultrafunked heavy playfulness of FUNK DA POLICE, to the lemming-infused destructive tendencies of GROOVE DESTRUCTION and the jump-up flavoured neuro of I’M THE LAW, each layer delivers a unique and precisely crafted take on the genre with an unrelenting kinetic spirit. REPULSION, RED CAT and RABBIT unleash powerful strokes of hard-hitting d&b, giving the RED PILL a mighty backbone that’s perfect for annihilating sound systems and certainly set to devastate festivals throughout summer. Eatbrain prove once again their ability to take upcoming artists alongside their established producers and aggressively level up their output to ultimate effect.