Thrumming with and excess of pure energy that radiated from the fissures crisscrossing its core, the POWER CUBE hovered slowly through the endless scrapyards at the edge of the city. Its passing briefly snapped the various automata and machines that lay forgotten therein to life, causing their rusted exoskeletons to whirr with motion before the thermal energy produced by the POWER CUBE reduced their complex components into a molten slurry of their base elements. A lost spark that found itself as cosmic flotsam following the destruction of its former body, the cube wandered aimlessly in search of a new housing that it could imbue with purpose and power, one that could also withstand the forces of the reaction that occurred within it.

With a trail of unworthy vessels left languishing in its wake, the POWER CUBE came to the edge of the scrapyard, where the dunes of a vast desert lapped abrasively at the weathered remains that had first been dumped at this site. It had glided across the sands, further into the wastelands, when the ground beneath it began to shake in resonance with its energetic emanations. From the depths of the sands began to emerge the bones of a colossus wrought of crude materials that did not falter before the cube’s radiance. They coalesced around it’s core, the closest structures glowing red hot from the power of the device that now rested within their protective embrace. Together, both cube and colossus summoned forth the abilities necessary to take a single lumbering step, shaking the earth and resettling the dunes around them as they began their operations as a whole. Lacking a body no longer, the POWER CUBE expelled some of its excess energy and the great behemoth roared to life, it's earthworn and rusted body setting off into the wastes that lay before it.

The futuristic sonics of CURRENT VALUE make their debut on EATBRAIN with POWERCUBE, the latest EP that can be found within the artist’s endlessly expansive catalog. Within POWERCUBE, CURRENT VALUE delivers a masterwork display of his high tech sounds, delivering three tracks that are set to galvanize the EATBRAIN horde and the ears of all who might hear their alien tones.