Within the catacombs lay an artifact from a primordial age, untouched by the ravages of time under the protection of the magical wards that surrounded it and sealed within a series of hidden chambers and mazelike passages filled with untold horrors and traps that would deter even the most determined of invaders. The extent of this labyrinth was necessitated by the twin opposing powers represented by the artifact and its resting place, each capable of causing untold destruction should they be unleashed upon the world without being kept in check by the other. As such, the pair had been frozen in time this way for millennia, a lasting warning of the old powers that were better left unawakened.

In cataclysms that created the world, beings of unrestrained primordial energy roamed the land and constantly reshaped it to their will amidst a never-ending chaos of destruction. Those minor beings who hid beneath their feet had little recourse against the incursions of these beasts, and even should one be felled by their greatest of warriors it would only be reborn again from within the heart of the primordial chaos. So it was that the most skilled mages & craftsmen among them toiled for generations to create a blade that could pierce this endlessly beating heart, and bring tranquility to this world that had suffered under chaos for so long. Thus it was that the wards had been set and that the great labyrinthine temple had been constructed, for as the blade pierced the heart of all primordials it did further seal their power within the wound, so requiring that it may never be removed again lest it let their power spill forth into the world once more. To truly murder beings of such power, the ancestors had learned, one must hold the blade within their viscera for all eternity.

NUVERTAL after a brief appearance on Gydra’s album delivers his debut EATBRAIN release onto the ears of the label’s horde with REAL MURDER, an EP featuring three solo tracks and a collaborative work with EATBRAIN veterans GYDRA. Within, NUVERTAL brings a set of sonics that surge upon the oscillations of the EP’s electrified synths, fusing finely honed highs with devastatingly weighted basses for a work that is ready to energize the monstrous hearts of the EATBRAIN horde.