Strewn amidst the rubble of a long-forgotten ruin lay the fractured shards of a mask of exquisite craftsmanship, each individual piece beautiful even in its broken state. Hewn and carved of a smooth volcanic stone, its fragments seemed untouched by the weight of time that had impressed itself upon their surroundings. Where columns had crumbled and murals had faded from glory, the surface of the mask’s many pieces lay alone without the wear of wind, weather, or the sunlight which refracted gently off of its surface.

Resting amidst a ruined temple that had recently reemerged from the duned landscape that surrounded it, the shards of the mask took to the sunlight in a manner akin to a flowering plant in bloom, their surfaces becoming more lustrous as the sun’s rays washed over them for the first time in millennia. Warmed by the blessing of the sky once more the mask’s constituent parts slowly drew towards each other, seeking out the siblings from which they had been separated for so long as they began to lock into place beside each other once more. As each did so, the seams of their former shattering retreated beneath the now inky surface of the mask. As the whole of the mask began to come once more into a unified being, its face began to display an otherworldly countenance that exuded an energy of serene contemplation enhanced by the pair of glowing sunlit orbs that now lay within its eye sockets. Rising up from the earth upon which it had lain for so long, the mask then propelled itself forwards across the rolling dunes of the desert and began its search for an individual of the proper linage to bear its MYTHIC IMAGE upon the world once more.

MYTHIC IMAGE bring their debut EP to the ears of the EATBRAIN horde as they embark on an experimental sonic journey inspired by multiple metaphysical realities that sees them set to explore the boundaries of sound design and emotional resonance possible within electronic music. Formed of the sonic union of EATBRAIN alumni NICKBEE and American bass music produced RIVER ACCORSI, the new duo stand ready to enlighten the EATBRAIN horde with the inner workings of their sonic philosophy across the EP’s five tracks as their new project’s visage is projected throughout the EATBRAIN network for the first time.