"With the words of the Supreme Entity still ringing in their ears, Scruggs and Sonny Jim struggled to their feet and drew their revolvers from their holsters with practiced ease. Bewildered by their recent transposition to another realm of existence, the pair attempted to speak but found their words would make no purchase within the other’s ears as a vortex of furious natural energies whipped gale force winds beneath the brims of the pair’s 10-gallon hats. Looking to the center of this vortex, they saw that the entity before them had taken on a new and more familiar form. One of the entity’s arms now held a blade of expertly honed ironwood wrapped in thorned vines that tendriled their way along its body, whilst the other bore forth a set of scales imbalanced by a rotten, plagued, and roiling mass of blackened branch and bone alike.

“This world must return to balance,” came the voice of the supreme entity once more, distorted by the storm which raged around it. “My BURR OAK must be given reign to cleanse its lands of putrescence, to end the CRIMINAL ROMANCE which has brought such iniquity to this realm. Hear me now, for should you support its righteous crusade you shall be spared the indignity of being cleansed as a part of this decay.”

As termites through fallen wood, these words wriggled their way into the minds of Scruggs and Sonny Jim, drowning out the cacophonous sounds that had enveloped their eardrums in the presence of this fearsome foe. Wordlessly, the pair withdrew their aim from the entity, holstering their weapons and beginning to stride singlemindedly along a new path that now appeared before them as the glimmering light of a new dawn. Though they knew not how, the pair was certain that they would bring the BURR OAK into being once again, and in so doing enter into the creation of a new order balanced by the power of the natural world as embodied in its fearsome form."

BURR OAK debut CRIMINAL ROMANCE as the newest piece of the saga of their forthcoming album, delivering a cinematic slice of unrelenting Neurofunk that is set to convert even more of the EATBRAIN horde to the righteousness of their cause as the duo continues to reveal the prophetic implications of their chosen name in the leadup to their debut LP release.