Immersed within a vat of saline and various metabolic fluids, the firing of one neuron caused a single eyelid to stretch open across a partially formed facial structure. Beside it, the skin could be seen to slowly creep further and further onto its grafting target, moving as an amoeba across the substructure of musculature below. In its wake was left an appearance fully grown but without an origin, a being that existed in defiance of the natural order of life and death. Yet neither was this a reanimated corpse nor was it the birth of one anew. Instead, the face that spread before the watchful eyes of the onlookers present was one known by all in the room.

Brought into being from the remnants of DNA evidence left behind at the scene of the crime, those gathered in the room watched in gruesome awe as a mirror image of an individual that they had all hunted unsuccessfully grew within the vat. It was a visage tied to crimes conducted with the utmost brutality, the face of one deemed so vile that no technique was too inhumane to be used to stop them. Indeed, the monstrous marvel of science that floated within the milky solution the vat contained bore a perfect resemblance to the quarry that it had been designed to hunt. Every tooth and nail, every follicle of hair, and even every ambition, memory, and desire had been copied over into this cloned form. Only one sole difference separated this new form from that of its predecessor: an implanted, intense, and burning hatred for its progenitor that consumed its every thought. This new being, a weapon wrought from human flesh, would exemplify completely the horrors that its double had inflicted upon the world. It would track its prey ruthlessly before standing in perfect opposition against them as none other could. As those gathered in the room examined the form that continued to grow within the vat, there was a palpable fear that permeated the silence within. They had created the perfect NEMESIS for a great evil, and yet in doing so they had redoubled that evil’s presence within their world.

DESPERSION unveil their second EATBRAIN EP with the release of NEMESIS, a three-track work that features collaborations with like-minded artists 2Whales and Focusfire. Within the EP, DESPERSION delivers an unrelenting series of high-speed sonics steeped in sci-fi textures and backed by plenty of bassweight set to send listeners spinning across dancefloors by merit of their inimitable energy.