The GRAVEDIGGER sighed as he planted his shovel firmly into the muddy soil of a new plot in the cemetery, exhausted from the endless toil that had been forced upon those of his profession.Though it had only been days since an outbreak of a strange new disease had swept over the city, it felt as though an eternity had passed. The countless graves that had been dug now threatened to merge beneath his feet, their dividing walls weakened by the torrential rains that seemed to swirl endlessly in the sky above and the space between each had begun to shrink out of necessity. Under these rains it seemed the work could never end, for the graves never truly settled. Many had been found eroded by the flooding, revealing the contorted and rotted forms of their inhabitants which jutted through the sludge at odd angles. Indeed, so heavily did it seem to pour that some graves remained empty after the night, the corpses formerly within them unable to be accounted for amidst the inundated ground.

For all the years he had spent in this position, the GRAVEDIGGER had not seen a worse combination of conditions. It felt as though the world itself was conspiring against the inhabitants of his city, who could scarcely see their dead who had been with them in life merely hours ago. He expected to join them soon enough, having handled the corpses of those who had passed for days on end. Perhaps, he mused, he already had. With so many empty graves, and no bodies to be found, who was to say that one wasn’t his? Where had he been before this had begun? Memory hardly seemed to matter anymore. If the dead truly did shamble among the living within this cursed city, perhaps he should count himself lucky to be amongst those who lived on in death above the ground.

MOB TACTICS return to EATBRAIN with GRAVEDIGGER, a three track EP filled with revenant rhythms set to revitalize the ears of the EATBRAIN horde. From the dancefloor oriented sonics of “Mescaline Dream” to the frenzied flurry of “Straitjacket”, the duo deliver well-honed neurofunk that finds a welcome home amidst EATBRAIN’S ever-expanding catalog