From within the remains of a ruined temple burst a pair of ten gallon hats, which clung to the heads of two travelers who now found themselves far from home.The vast desert that lay before them was the same that they had known, but the inhabitants that strode upon it’s surface were quite different from any that they had seen before. A menagerie of mechanical creatures bearing eerily human form were all that seemed to inhabit this furthest expanse of the world, and as Scruggs and Sonny Jim emerged into the sunlight that scattered off of the creature’s metallic exoskeletons it quickly became clear that beings of organic construction such as themselves were not welcome here.

Knowing that they had earned the ire of the unspeakable presence that dwelt within the temple behind them, the pair decided to face the mechanical menace before them with a grim certainty of purpose as they spoke


“Yup Sonny Jim”

“The Death Knell’s gon’ be ringin’ for someone by the end of this here day. What’s saying we try and make sure it ain’t us?”

With Scruggs’ agreement communicated through a tip of his hat, Sonny Jim procured from his pocket a bundle of dynamite and lit its fuse in a single fluid motion, heaving it into the horde before them as Scruggs whipped a pair of revolvers from his holsters and unleashed a cacophonous barrage of bullets from their barrels. As the sounds of his shots hitting their mark began to reach the pair’s ears, the two cowboys charged forth into the fray, kicking their way through the hollow hunks of metal that sat now sat lifeless after Scrugg’s initial salvo. Lacking any sort of plan, the pair relied purely on their own gumption to see them through as they employed every trick the cattle trail had ever taught them even the odds they now faced. Indeed, such was their resolve that Sonny Jim had all but forgotten about the dynamite that he had thrown when it exploded some distance away, knocking them off their feet and engulfing them in a flash of light that seemed far brighter than he had expected. As the sounds of battle began to fade around them, Scruggs and Sonny Jim wondered only one thing. Would they ever wander familiar trails again? Or were they setting off on a new route, one that lead only to that great big cattle drive in the sky?

BURR OAK deliver RING THE DEATH KNELL as the penultimate preview of their forthcoming album, which is set to soon immerse the EATBRAIN horde in the duo’s cinematic Neurofunk stylings and detail the full adventures of their chosen heroes, the cowboys known only as Scruggs & Sonny Jim.