The group of miscreants hastily clambered into the back of their cobbled-together hovercar as their driver slammed his foot onto the accelerator and sent the group speeding away from the wanton destruction that they had wrought amidst a cloud of multicolored plasma exhaust. As it shot across the hollowed wreckage of one of their home megacity’s most desolate districts the hovercar’s misaligned antigravity suspension routinely jostled its passengers, who used such moments to attempt to playfully shove their compatriots off the side of the vehicle. Though they were in no real danger whilst tethered to the vehicle’s safety system, the shock & shame of spending the ride home floating in antigrav before being unceremoniously dropped on the floor of the gang’s garage provided high enough stakes to keep things interesting.

As their hovercar’s suspension careened off of a particularly large chunk of rubble in the street before them, the group shouted with glee amidst the thrill of their game. Indeed, it was not until they began to fall from the sky that they noticed that their craft had failed to restabilize its gravity field. Suddenly, the group was plucked from their freefall and pulled back upwards into the air, before being released again, stuck as they were within the humiliating experience of their vehicle's antigravity field in EMERGENCY LOOP.

DUB ELEMENTS return to EATBRAIN alongside newcomer MIDNIGHT CVLT to deliver their latest single, EMERGENCY LOOP. Within, a set of circuitous rhythms and maximalist sound design are sure to inspire fervor on the dancefloor, imbuing listeners with the frenzied energy of a DJ seeking to emerge from the grip of the single’s namesake phenomenon.