Amidst the decaying upholstery of a once-plush armchair sat a great mass of feline flesh, possessed of a hyperintelligent mind and prodigiously “chonky” in its size but utterly absorbed within the flickering lights of a cell phone device that it held absentmindedly in a single paw. Surrounding the chair lay scattered pieces of broken glass, torn carpet, and a blown-out window through which howled a distant wind. The howling wind reminded the feline of the howls of his old nemesis, canine creatures which he hoped would no longer roam the recently desolated streets of the ruined city that surrounded his home. Still, though, the gigantic cat looked up from his screen, eyes and ears flitting around the room as he assessed frantically whether one of these infernal creatures had survived the fireball that had enveloped the city mere moments ago.

After moments had passed, the cat purred a contented sigh, gazing over the ruins of the city that lay across the threshold of the once grand window that now framed his view of the world. Briefly, he regretted that he now needed to feed himself, owing to the unfortunate deaths of the humanoid servants that had once doted upon him with such constancy. Of course, they could still serve him once more as a fine meal themselves in the days to come, but the feline still thought of them fondly. He knew not why he had survived when so many others had perished, nor what stroke of luck had blessed him with his remarkably human intelligence, but it mattered not. The world had just been shattered, but as his nametag clinked gently in the breeze, the cat was not perturbed. It was quiet, he was entertained, and he had finally claimed the best chair in the house for himself. All beyond this room could burn, but in the dismal milieu of the scene that surrounded him, the cat was quite comfy.

One of EATBRAIN’s most lauded horde leaders, MNDSCP, returns to the label with his latest EP, EDGE OF DISASTER, featuring four furious sonic sequences bristling with bassweight and irrefutably describable by the “chonky” descriptor shared by the feline figure within the EP’s artwork.