Sweeping over a landscape of grey-brown sand, the wind evoked a mournful song. Its notes emanated from the forms of the titanic metal figures that stood crumbling throughout this desert of ruin, reverberating within the long cold barrels of the weapons and amidst the hollowed shells of the defeated that had been bored through by the projectiles that those weapons once expelled. Their hulking chassis dwarfed the dwellings that lay worn down surrounding them, the concrete skeleton of a once great metropolis that was now dissolving into the sand. If once there had been humanoid bones here they had long since been buried, watched over silently by the mechanoid guardians that had long ago brought about their violent ends.

Yet even in this most desolate of ruins there still lingered the faint spark of life. After millennia of devastation, the ground had begun to bear forth isolated pockets of green as rain ran down from upon the guardian machines that loomed silently above. In some places too this rain slipped inside of the behemoths, and within the heart of one did a single drop provide the momentary circuit connection necessary for its latent energies to spring to life. With a thunderous roar, the mech’s core began to spin, glowing red hot as it ground centuries of dust into nothingness with the friction of its centrifugal power supply. Its rusted carapace groaned under tensile strain as it hefted itself from its knees, supported by the grip of its weapon as a rudimentary crutch. Now upon its feet, the grand machine withdrew from the sand the barrel of its namesake firearm, hefting its massive six-round cylinder into the air as it checked the status of the ammunition it had held now for time immemorial. Finding purchase within were a pair of mammoth five-hundred-millimeter cartridges, which the mech snapped into the firing chamber as it scanned the surrounding area for targets. Woe be to any who dare to set foot within its domain, for the REVOLVER autonomous weapons system was now back online.

METANOIA make their EATBRAIN debut with REVOLVER, the first EP from a project which sees the return of EATBRAIN alumni Smooth working in concert with his latest collaborator & fellow producer Wooga. Together, the two lead the EATBRAIN horde into the sonic battles of the future, delivering an EP bristling with dancefloor-devastating audio weapons fresh from the minds of this pair of inimitable producers.