Those who remained were hopeless. Around them, the savagery of the world had torn through their cities, their homes, and their communities. Nature's most destructive forces had proven their mastery over the steel-shod constructions that for so long had seemed impervious to harm, as though driven to prove its provenance over the land once more. What had once been safe, bucolic, and welcoming - the very earth itself, had rejected its children. Thus, when the REAPER came, their ears turned readily towards the melodious call of its alien maw.

The deaths of their compatriots had been torturous, and more were lost to the ensuing cataclysm each day. There was no salvation for the corpses that lay strewn upon the ground, and it was at the beckoning of this mass death that the REAPER had come, heeding the call of a people without hope or home. A being of flesh and alloy alike, its gnarled form seemed to be all that could withstand the apocalyptic conditions that ravaged the world, and thus when a doorway appeared on the chest of its gnarled form, none were surprised when others began to take shelter within. Though they did not return, more entered the doorway on the next day and the day after that, and before long there were scant few who did not await their salvation before the REAPER’s facade. They knew not whether salvation or death lay within, but one thing was certain - no harrowed screams ever escaped the REAPER’s alien form, and for that alone, most all were willing to give themselves up to him.

NUVERTAL returns to EATBRAIN with REAPER, shepherding the EATBRAIN horde to the dancefloor once more with the destructive rhythms of his second EP on the label and continuing to rise as a champion of cinematic sonics for the label’s faithful.