Darkness had crept over the forest silently, encroaching as the daylight’s shadows had grown longer over the course of the passing year. Its splendorous glades were overgrown with underbrush that twisted and grabbed at the feet of any who dared tread within the wood. Leaves fell from the trees out of season, not golden with the beauty of their age but blackened with an insidious blight that spread through the poisoned insects of the land. In their place, silken spiderwebs crisscrossed the branches of the forest, shimmering under the moonlight with an eerie beauty that masked their true purpose. Deep within these woods, an ancient arachnid evil had awoken, and its appetite for the forest’s creatures was voracious and all-consuming.

So it was that one of the forest’s most stalwart defenders had become trapped in the webs that had enshrouded her home, her gossamer wings weighed down by the ichor that lined the finely wound threads. As she struggled against these restraints, her fluttering movements reverberated down the web’s strands and summoned the great arachnid beast that lay cloistered at its heart. Of all the forest creatures, the sprites that had once infused the wood with their magic were its most prized prey. With each that it consumed, it came ever closer to full dominion, and their lithe bodies coursed with a vitality that the beast found most satisfying to consume.

Yet the sprite knew of the spider’s hunger for her kind, and in her struggle for freedom she had steeled herself for its immanent approach. As the eighth of the beast’s many eyes began to peer around a nearby tree, she drew upon every reserve of magic that still lay within the now-accursed wood. With a flash of viridian light, she burst from the web and conjured in her hand a sword of pure primal energy that gleamed emerald against the darkness of the wood. The monstrous spider had ruled over this twisted realm for far too long. The true forest, her forest, was COMING BACK. As she charged in flight towards the arachnid behemoth before her, she swore upon her emerald blade that she would make it so.

AGRESSOR BUNX unleash their anthemic single “COMING BACK” on EATBRAIN with triumphant flair, melding their long-favored Neurofunk stylings with a valiant melody to create a song set to galvanize the EATBRAIN horde amidst the frenzy of the summer’s festivals and beyond through the long nights to come.