Deep within the earth inside of a burrow that lay beneath a fetid swamp rested a creature tasked with putrescent rebirth, the horrifying beauty that sprouted forth from rot & decay. The milky ochre color of its hide was covered in a thin layer of mucus that, were there light in its subterranean lair, would glisten and shimmer as the creature slithered throughout the earth. The guttural grunts produced by the creature's hulking form echoed forth with a distinctly wet accent, squelching forth from between its mandibles as though mud beneath the tread of a boot.

Indeed, though mud had the creature begun to burrow, filter-feeding upon the microorganisms and decaying plant matter that seeped through the soil. It had been awakened, for the first time in many centuries, by the hunger that drove it to serve in the divine duty that had been bestowed upon it a millennia ago. As it had slept, that which lived above had languished beneath the sun’s rays and grown decadent, thus ladening itself with the first stage of decay. The sweetest, ripest fruit was, after all, always the one closest to becoming rotten, and so was the fate of all living things in due time. The beast had consumed a wide variety of such rotten beings in its time - trees that had grown too tall, beasts that had grown too fat, fungi that had spread their spores too wide. To the grub’s all-consumptive hunger, the makeup of its meal mattered not. All dissolved equally within its many-chambered digestive system. Thus, as it broke through the surface earth that had lain above it for so long, the visions of steel and pink-fleshed creatures that greeted the creature gave it no hesitation. Through hunger, it had been called, and thus it would consume once more, that life may again be born anew where rot had begun to set in.

MOB TACTICS return to EATBRAIN and present DIRTGRUB // DUBBLE BUBBLE, their latest monstrous single filled with squelching sonics sure to set the myriad members of the EATBRAIN horde squirming on the dancefloor.