For millennia, learned individuals the world over have sought to unravel the secrets of alchemy, that famed occult science that allows for the transmutation of elements from one type to another. In the beginning, its secrets were sought by scholars who ingested mercury to prolong the lives of their physical bodies even as its poison vapors drove them to madness. Then came those who sought to transform mundane lead into brilliant, shimmering gold, and they too were poisoned by the former metal’s insidious and lurking aftereffects. In the more recent past, there have been those who have succeeded in the alchemical pursuit to a certain degree, splitting certain heavy elements into their more basal forms through the power of fission, and yet even in their successes these individuals too were poisoned for their hubris, the effects evermore immediate and horrific than those faced by their predecessors.

Indeed, despite these scientists’ efforts at alphabetical categorization of the known elements, the truth of the gods remains sealed away in the depths of space, guarded by beings unknowable and all-powerful. True transmutation is the property of one singular element carefully withheld from the grasp of mortal beings. Its genesis in the womb of the divine mother gives it this singular quality, and this property has been wielded by the gods since time immemorial to shape, craft, and hone the vast expanses of the universe. Its silvery hue is echoed in the rays of a million distant stars, the children of the divine mother who have in turn given birth to all further life. What mortals have sought for so long has been forever known as ARGENTUM, and its ineffable form shall never grace their greedy hands.

SITRI returns to EATBRAIN with his latest single, ALPHABET//ARGENTUM, which sees him synthesize futuristic rhythmic sequences and transmute thrashing basslines to surge alongside them for his second EATBRAIN release.