In the most literal sense of the phrase, all hell had broken loose upon the city. From a red-hot rift within the earth had crawled frightful and freakish creatures ferried directly from the nightmares of the city’s citizens. Indeed, such was the quality of this sudden summoning that this menagerie of malevolent spirits possessed only a haphazard collective identity, each instead bearing a beguiling countenance conferred onto them by the personal fears of their individual inspirations. Amidst their ranks stood classical horrors, skeletons, and shadows that showed the face of death and despair. Yet also were there boogeymen and boggles and other dwellers-under-the bed, embodying imaginative and fickle forms found in the minds of the children that feared them so.

Vastly varied too were the actions taken by this fearsome horde, each so uniquely motivated by the personal horror that they did represent. So it was that some skeletons simply lay lifeless upon the asphalt whilst others crawled into the city’s closets. Some simply screamed at the woe-begotten passersby, threatening them not but simply seeking the momentary pleasure of a single spook & scare. For more than a few of these creatures, their existence exalted a forbidden vice, a lurking fear of desires long since locked away. Thus it was that a gangly gargoyle could be found amidst the chaos slyly sipping on an ICE COLD cocktail, indulging in the fears that lurked in the minds of those who had long since left such libations behind.

STATE OF MIND unleashes the full freakish fury of the EATBRAIN horde as he visits his latest single, ICE COLD, upon the ears of the label’s ravenous faithful. Inside, STATE OF MIND presents a suite of oddly tantalizing tones across the single’s twin tracks, combining cool confidence and capricious sound design in a dizzyingly effective concoction for EATBRAIN’s latest release.