Flittering up from beneath the facades of ruined buildings cast in the filtered light of fading day came frolicking a faction of miniature miscreants, hellbent on nothing more or less than calamitous chaos of a kind most ultimately benign. This part of the city, only recently fallen from its former splendor into a relative state of forgotten disrepair, had become their favored haunt and a canvas upon which they painted their mural of mischief. Indeed, though sometimes disturbed by their devious pranks, those humans who still lived within the dilapidated dwellings of the neighborhood looked upon these minute beings with a sense of familiar nostalgia, reminiscent as they were of the deeds of their own childhoods upon the very same city streets.

Thus, there was something of an enchantment to the gremlin’s general goblinry. The high-pitched shrieks of sheer thrill that resulted from the success of their misdeeds, the skitter and scrape of their bicycles, skateboards, and all other manner of experimental wheeled vehicles, and the freshly odorous fumes of the spraypaint that newly adorned many of the neighborhood’s walls. In this place so forgotten by their human brethren, these RASCALS had brought a revitalizing presence to the ruined alleys in which they ran, their ruckus reinvigorating the empty, crumbling streets.

MNDSCP rallies the RASCALS of the EATBRAIN horde with his latest EP, gleefully titled under that name to unify the rowdy and cacophonous sounds within. Across the four-track span of RASCALS, boisterous basslines rebound amidst an atmosphere of silly sonics that brings a rejuvenating levity to the monstrous menagerie of the EATBRAIN horde.