The portal’s trans dimensional trajectory had shifted suddenly, shunting the woebegotten scientist instantaneously into the furthest reaches in uncharted space. Thanks only due to his rapid reflexes and unquestionable ability with the technology he wielded, the scientist has been able to save himself from a frigid death amidst the interstellar void, instead redirecting his course to the nearest solid planetary body.

It was there upon it's rocky surface he now stood, surrounded by a vast and barren nothingness steeped in beige and dust. Above him in the sky loomed the seething maw of the portal that had delivered him here, glowing red hot at its core thanks to the fission of atmospheric molecules that occurred constantly within it at its present altitude. Occasionally, the hairs on the scientist’s arms would stand vertically in salute to the electromagnetic charges generated by the swirling vortex, and yet amidst the strange atmosphere of this distant planetoid not a single sound could be heard. There he stood, LOST IN SILENCE, a castaway adrift at the furthest reaches of all creation.

AKOV returns to EATBRAIN with LOST IN SILENCE, the latest EP from neurofunk’s ursine overlord that stands set to send the EATBRAIN horde to the genre's furthest sonic reaches thanks to the depth of AKOV’s scientifically tuned sonics, which this time includes, metal – his very own band: AENYGMA -, breakbeat and even a hint of jazz.