Inscribed within the cracked desert soil was a grand runic glyph formed seemingly of purest obsidian, cauterized like a scar upon the heart of the barren landscape surrounding it. In the distance, the remains of a great wood stood silent, likewise devastated by primal flame and later petrified by the desiccating desert winds. In the ages since the great rune had been carved, scant few had dared venture into the inhospitable wasteland even to probe the rumors of magic power that was said to still lurk at its core. Those who did were visited by visions of terror and carnage that lacked even the comfort of decay at the ends of those who experienced the summoning of The Ancient, a being so foolishly bound in rage and desperation by a people long lost to the sands of time and the desert alike.

In these visions, the truths of that time were revealed to those whose eyes were so forced into the past by the latent magics of the land. There had been no victory here amidst the sands that now incorporated particles of human bone, no honor claimed by the brave warriors who fought on either side of this dual conflict, whose blood had boiled and melted their flesh beneath the resplendent bronze of their armor as it shone under the rays of the sun. The Ancient, brought to this plane of existence solely of malice, ignorance, and ego, had become itself suffused by the emotion of its summoners. So much greater was its power that they too were annihilated within its divine flame alongside their enemies and all of the bounties of the land for which they fought. Forever since had it lain barren, bereft of even a single drop of rain in the centuries that had passed, for those who had sought to wield the power of the gods as a weapon, no quarter could ever be given upon this once verdant land of their holy creation.

SCREAMARTS summons a foreboding set of sonics for his DUALITY EP, the Austrian artist’s latest tale within EATBRAIN’s codex and catalog. Drawing inspiration from the dual justifications of human conflicts and the suffering that they bring about, SCREAMARTS presents DUALITY as a cautionary tale of the woe that has long befallen all those of humankind who perpetrate such conflicts no matter their moral aim.