The percussive impact of a lone T-REX’s talons echoed down the street with reptilian confidence, an emotion shared and augmented by the pompous mannerisms of the man who rode astride it. The beast’s monstrous nature forced friend and enemy alike to take reverent notice of his very presence, and the man quite enjoyed being the center of attention as his mount lumbered through the jagged alleyways that had long been his home. Lost amidst his own grandeur, his mind wandered to thoughts of childhood bullies, business rivals, and others of an unappreciable ilk. They, he smugly thought, did not have the latest model of theropod mount. His, by contrast, was magnificent as it fed upon the occasional stray or frightened bird and left a smattering of spattered crimson in his wake.

As a science, genomic revival had been actualized for almost as long as the man himself had been alive. He had for so long dreamed of this day, having watched in envy as the folk of the upper city rode upon perfect biological chimera that answered to their every whim. Though the costs associated with the creation of such creatures had decreased significantly, such prestigious beasts as his own T-REX still lay well beyond the income of a mere android repairman like himself. Thus it was that as he had happened upon the body of his current mount clinging to life atop a local scrap heap, he had rushed to its aid and imbued its body with every piece of spare artificial biology at his disposal. Now, as the cybernetic augmentations to his beast’s ruddy hide shone lustrous in the sun, the man reclined pridefully into his saddle as he uttered a silent prayer in the hopes that his hacked together diet inhibitor would continue to keep himself off of his new mount’s menu.

MIDNIGHT CVLT returns to EATBRAIN with T-REX, a five track EP that sees one of EATBRAIN’s most recent additions unleash a furious follow-up to 2023’s “Bloodfire” EP on the label. Marked by the menacing sonic character so alluded to by his moniker, the five tracks within T-REX are sure to induct a fresh batch of souls into the EATBRAIN horde under the sway of MIDNIGHT CVLT’s undeniable influence.