The dissonant thrum of opposed antigravity fields ripped through the nighttime skyline as a retrofitted RP-19 Levette drifted past the 322nd-story windows of a corp tower, its fusion engine expelling an intense burst of helium gas that drifted quickly into the harvesting drones hovering above the airway. Nipping at its tail came a squadron of automated enforcer skiffs in 3-point formation that moved in perfect synchronization to block any possibility of backward escape by the target they pursued. As the chase opened up into a straightaway, the enforcer skiffs unleashed a barrage from their tuned resonance armaments, specifically designed to utilize the antigravity frequencies of the megacities’ airways to lock a pursued vehicle in gravitic stasis for ease of capture.

Sensing this imminent outcome, the pilot of the Levette prepared himself for a most dangerous maneuver requiring phase-perfect timing, in which failure meant an instantly fatal flattening at the hands of rapid gravitic deceleration As the first of the resonance pulses impacted the frame of his vehicle he disabled its antigravity buffer entirely, an action of momentary duration that seemed to stretch out into eternity. The walls of the city’s superstructures warped their shape beside him as an infinitesimal instant of hypergravity bent light around the frame of his vehicle before subsuming him in total darkness. Then, a blinding flash of light sent him skidding out above the vast desert wasteland surrounding the megalopolis that had been his home. As he came slowly to a halt over 30 seconds and 300 kilometers from his entry point, the pilot breathed a sigh of relief. A successful gravitic warp was something most perished attempting, and his had borne him his freedom in his escape from THE CHASE.

REDPILL returns to EATBRAIN after his debut album on the mighty BLACKOUT, with a helping of lightspeed sonics for the eager ears of the label’s horde, who have long awaited another dose of the artist’s cinematic and scientifically toned tracks. Within THE CHASE, REDPILL’s latest creations unleash their addictive energy at a breakneck pace, leaving listeners awestruck in the wake of the EP’s unrelenting charge.