It is said by many that the greatest works of art are manifestations of the divine,works of stone, sound, or written word rendered in its quintesent image as manifested through the artist’s able hand. Such marvels are timeless in their beauty and unmistakable to even the untrained eye, and yet none so much as question the means for their occurrence within our world. Indeed, though the human pursuit of aesthetic beauty is a noble goal, what reason might a divine being have for the manifestation of its perfect image within our mundane world that it should guide a chosen scion in its creation?

What the untrained eye cannot perceive is the aura of power that radiates from such works, the events that follow in the wake of their creation, and the control that is wielded from within their presence. Forms of stone coerce further constructions as great metropoles rise to surround them. Forms of word topple tyrants or raise others anew as governors beneath the divine. Forms of song dominate the human spirit and twist the emotions to suit the divine whim. Through all such works is its will exerted and for the thousand such that now populate our earth who are we, dear reader, to believe that we live our lives as beings free?

CLIKVORK unveils his TRINITY EP to the EATBRAIN horde in an enrapturing debut before the label’s horde. Following a recent appearance on the massive Divergence V compilation, the Hungarian artist now returns to EATBRAIN with a set of four sonic sculptures that inspire a fervor for the dancefloor in all those with ears to listen.