Beneath an emerald sky, the last vestiges of human civilization clung to meager life amidst the pockmarked ruins of their former home. Their humble enclosure, only measuring one kilometer in diameter, had begun its term initially as an experimental society built on small-scale self-sufficiency. Enclosed within had been some 40-odd volunteers who had permanently forsaken their lives beyond the dome, leaving behind the world they had known for the promise of utopia anew.

That had been countless solar cycles ago, a period of time that had seen the inhabitants of the dome watch the slow downfall of the civilization they had left behind through the dome’s veridian glass. Climactic shifts, wars for resources, the erosion of the atmosphere- all had passed them by within their impenetrable fortress. Instead, the dome’s inhabitants, led by a keen understanding of their environment’s carrying capacity, had quashed any similar internal conflicts with the creation of a draconian legal code that governed every aspect of their lives, a monotonous existence of daily rations, forced labor, and mandated deaths. Yet still each citizen of the dome looked to the outside and wished to be nowhere else, for there amidst the endless sands such a spartan existence was all that remained to be lived for their ilk.

XYLYM makes his full EATBRAIN debut with DOOMSDAY, a four-track EP that sees the producer emerge from the ranks of the label’s DIVERGENCE compilation series to stand alone before the horde alongside collaborators Scalez & Zeph Miles as he leads the label’s faithful through the furious sonics of DOOMSDAY.