BURR OAK mark a monolithic moment in their sonic journey with the release of their debut album, SOMEWHERE WE BELONG, which stands as the crown jewel of the two member’s careers as solo artists and as a duo alike. Packed with a mammoth 18 tracks that span the full breadth of the Neurofunk genre, SOMEWHERE WE BELONG sees BURR OAK deliver a definitive work set to cement itself well within the history of the genre.

BURR OAK’s own story is mirrored in the stories of their twin cowboy personas, Scruggs and Sonny Jim, whose escapades are expressed throughout the album’s tracklist and the tales that accompany it. Much like these two inseparable wanderers, BURR OAK’s two members, Niko and Julien, began their careers as solo artists before joining together to embark on their shared quest as BURR OAK. Longtime fans of Neurofunk will recognize each by their many other monikers. Niko has produced and performed variously as a member of the French Drum & Bass trio Signs, as half of the duo Cecil Hotel, and under his solo alias Opsen throughout his long career devoted to the pursuit of Drum & Bass’ most technical edge. By contrast, Julien’s journey under his solo alias The Clamps has seen him champion both cinematic soundscapes and the genre’s most extreme fringes, merging beauty and brutality within his music in equal measure. If this wasn’t a colorful palette of a career enough, they are also running another project with the also Toulouse based SKS – “Forum” which is also a heavyweight drum and bass project with a jungle/rave/oldschool twist. And to add a cherry on the top Julien runs Third Colony with Yan, an extravagant IDM/downtempo project.

As BURR OAK, these two prolific artists intertwine their sounds in an inexorable musical lattice, presenting a unified sonic profile that is more than the sum of its parts. This stylistic synergy thrives amidst SOMEWHERE WE BELONG, which details the story of BURR OAK both in fiction and as the producers they are today. The album’s title speaks to this, not only for the duo’s cowboy characters but for Niko & Julien as well. Beneath the branches of the BURR OAK, these titans of Neurofunk have truly found somewhere they belong.