TELEKINESIS return on powerful form to the EATBRAIN label with 5 tracks of a truly insidious and tearing nature in the NO BRAIN, NO PAIN EP. The pseudo-friendly eerie nature of SLIME GLAND leads the way, with nostalgic synth lines and airy pads punctuated by sharp steppy percussion. The amen-laced structures of MEANWHILE build into a lean assault on the ears with a bassline in a deep stealth profile tucked tight against the beat. NO BRAIN delivers a schizophrenic and penetrative sonic influx, leaning towards the comedic but retaining a overwhelmingly destructive form. WIPE OUT carries the powerful vocal of Eatbrain MC favourite NUKLEAR, whilst IT COULD BE A TRAP completes the EP with an effective and exceptional half stepper that seeks to obliterate everything in its rave-fuelled path.

Following THE NIGHTWALKERS EP that saw them win over the Eatbrain fanbase in 2013, Slovenian production crew Telekinesis have gone on to dominate the European drum & bass scene with heavy touring and an ever-growing fanbase. With the release of NO BRAIN, NO PAIN and their return to neurofunk’s premiere label, they’re set to ignite a new wave of tech-fuelled terror.