The warrior’s body was torn and broken, held together by thin threads of sinew and muscle that strained against any force put upon them, making each movement an exercise in agony. His very form seemed to mock humanity in its contorted state and presented an anatomical parabole by way of its very living existence. Yet for all of this suffering, he continued on unbowed, determined to become what he had been once again. He had attained the pinnacle of human strength and power, unstoppable in combat for his devastating ability. Such ability had brought enemies who had sought to strike him down unseen, to remove his greatest advantage in traditional combat. Their treacherous assault had nearly destroyed the warrior, but through the strength of his will he had remained, driven onwards by a new purpose: revenge.

For this motive he had crafted an array of devices that fed into him as veins to a heart, healing his body day by day, inch by inch, and molecule by molecule. Serums of his own concoction expedited this process, regenerating his tissues at a rate far beyond the human baseline. He had sealed himself into darkness, illuminated only by the iridescent glow of the technologies which enveloped him as a cocoon. Indeed, all about him was built for the sole purpose of his revenancy but for one inclusion. Directly opposite him stood a mirror, oddly organic in its contrast to the web of cables which surrounded it. His eyes locked forwards, the warrior stared ever into the mirror, unphased by the horrific REFLECTION that stared back. For the warrior, such a visage only bolstered his resolve. The REFLECTION’s of those who had wronged him would look far worse in time.

GANCHER & RUIN make a powerful return to EATBRAIN with the release of their REFLECTION EP, featuring two solo tracks and a collaboration with label boss JADE to form a well-honed three track package. REFLECTION merges the sounds of GANCHER & RUIN with those of JADE to maximum effect, as roaring basslines collide move to funk influenced rhythms in a well-orchestrated sonic synthesis. VELOCITY’s rising arpeggio leads straight into a full frontal drum-fueled assault, driven by the punctual punches of its pulverizing kicks and snares. UNLIMITED closes the EP, marked by the ravey saw stabs that dominate its top line alongside a series of vocal shots that add to the track’s colorful atmosphere. With the REFLECTION EP, GANCHER & RUIN once more display their unstoppable sound across three tracks with great effect.