Fame and fortune: doesn’t everyone dream of such luxuries in our modern world? Indeed, such lofty positions seem to appear out of thin air to those who are visited by them, gifts from a gilt messenger that fall randomly upon those who do not even ask for it. What? Then, what must I do to receive such a visitation. Is it not enough that I want it? Is it not enough that I crave with every ounce of my being the admiration of all those around me? To be the object of their envious stares? So many waste their stardom, squandering it with their “effort” and “devotion” as though they’ve forgotten that they’re already famous!

Were I to be in their position, I would certainly not waste away such golden moments with such pointless work. I would sit, not upon a couch but upon a throne, exquisitely decorated with only the finest of materials. There, I would languish in my lavish lifestyle, my every need attended to by the throngs of adoring fans who would celebrate my very existence. It’s a shame really that no one notices how fit I would be for the lifestyle, the parties, the photos, the “doing nothing” all day. I’ve certainly got that last part well practiced. We’re being famous actually a job, I’d be a shoe in for the position. It's not though of course, and all the smart people know that. Some may claim to have worked for it, some may claim to have taken years to reach their status, but I know differently. I know what they say isn't true. I know it's not you that makes fame, but fame that makes you.

AKOV returns to the EATBRAIN pack with his latest EP YOU WANT IT. Following up 2017s SHAPESHIFTER EP on the label, YOU WANT IT is the latest in a high volume of releases from AKOV across further labels such as C4C Recordings, Bad Taste Recordings, and Othercide Records. On display for the first time within the EP are AKOV’s own rap vocals, such as on the titular U WANT IT, which features a rapid fire vocal lead before launching into a chaotically warped bassline signature of the AKOV sound. The twin mixes of BLIND then contrast each other, with the SUN MIX charting melodic course marked by reverberating synth sweeps and a smoother sung vocal melody, while the MOON MIX features an elastic bassline alongside these elements. INTERSTELLAR’s electric sonic elements combine with the vocals of MULTIPLEX for a frantic audio sequence which closes the EP at lightspeed. With YOU WANT IT, AKOV displays his singular sound design & inimitable attitude in tandem with the addition of his own vocal talent for an EP that set to make an impact via the EATBRAIN label.